Thursday, November 19, 2015


lace my footwear real tight
still black adidas - 3 stripes
2 middle fingers, 1 black eye
but you shoulda seen the other guy
many lack a zeal to fight
but I always sang 'Violent Night'
still all black uniform
johnny cash, never die
and I'm the kind
that waits a long time
before I strike:
low-crawl for 19 nights
then it's snipe
maybe both of us are right
or we're both misguided
but his face is just lined
up right
in my peep sight
i breathe out, squeeze, the other guy's in twilight
i truly wish him goodnight
but you won't see us down to kneel
unless we're watching blood congeal
and that's just how us bastards feel
world peace is still unreal
until then someone has to kill
black and camo heart and plans
black and camo 3 AM
through and over fence and fence
oddly I'm not feeling tense
it's bringing back that 6th sense
black bandana
plus the black 16
so they can't see me
just a sudden burst of three
FMJ poppin in controlled pairs incessantly
no sneeze
but I musta got some allergies
because my index finger itchy
callin to me for a squeeze

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