Wednesday, May 1, 2013

midnight at broadway and myrtle

His hand was already grasping the small knife within his right coat pocket. As he pulled it out his thumb and middle finger popped the blade wide with a cold snick.
His right arm half-outstretched between the attacker and himself, his left arm swooped out behind him placing himself between his woman and the threat.

The glint of the mugger's pupils were visible from within the depths of his hood as his eyes shot from the woman over to the knife then back up to its wielder's face with panic. He pivoted and darted away at a full sprint from those he had underestimated.

Once the mugger was lost to the darkness and din, the man turned around toward his woman with a grin.

"Damn, what a rush, uh?"

The woman felt the adrenaline too.

"Yes," she said "that was crazy."

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