Saturday, May 25, 2013

la petite fille à Tanger

Please hand over the weapon, Sir.  It's evidence now.

Yeah, of course, here.

You okay?

Yeah I'm fine.  Just need a drink

You got adrenaline pumping.


You know, you're lucky, this knife is just within the parameters of legality.

I know, I specifically bought it for that reason.

Well if it had been a switchblade or a butterfly knife or even a centimeter longer, I'd have to put you in cuffs right now.  I wouldn't have a choice.

Yeah, I know assisted opening knives are illegal here, that's why I had a regular pocketknife.

You know alot about knives, eh?

I was a boy scout.

They teach you how to stab a guy in boy scouts?

Well I was in the army too.

Alright.  I have your information, Sir.  We'll be in touch.


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